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Ars Poetica | Santiago Villafania

Written By هشام الصباحي on Saturday, 6 June 2015 | 05:56

Or: Epistle to Ebard

true poetry must speak in spontaneous speech
like unto the will of the fleeting wind
it sings its own note and tune to teach
the heart what is to be heard

                                           it need not
be expressed to hide mirth and misery
to maintain the manner you learned by heart
nor shall you lack of caution when using
prosaic or archaic words in your verse

a dead word is dead if it stands alone
but lives if it is constantly used
nor an archaic used in any attempts
in prose or in poetry which may denote
or connote a new meaning worth knowing

never deprive yourself as to ignore
the transient music in your inmost self
and the personae that whispers freely
into th’ ears of your imagination
what you hear is the true poetry itself
and however old it is always new

have you no trouble to be one with nature
earnest meditation becalms the soul
when filled with nature’s symmetry express
what the soul devoured what the mind installed

oft you may not see the flaws in your art
as those learned men even the slightest fault
they find alas! there goes your art disdained
how an honest imitation of life
it may be

              have you ample time to be seasoned
cultivate and do not suffer your art
every poet believes in his self
and in his work produced however deep
or dull for common minds to be construed


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