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My game | Radmila Stankovic

Written By هشام الصباحي on Sunday, 28 June 2015 | 14:15

My game
To tempt myself I still want,
because in the end it all comes down to that.
As much as I could, I wish to create,
to dream, to love and to give.
Queen of fate to become and sovereign of the universe,
oh how I wish… Nobody shall know my struggles and victories.
Crown of dreams to have and a dress painted in various colors,
I wish, and forever in my calmness and greatness to reign.
In the strength and beauty of the sun to sunbathe and disappear,
oh how I wish to disappear,
until my name is forgotten and then to return back.
That is my temptation, like a game in between the dreams and reality.
Oh, those eternal dreams which seem so real,
dreams that always repeatedly come true.
© Radmila Stankovic


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