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Snow in April | Veronica Golos

Written By هشام الصباحي on Friday, 5 June 2015 | 06:07

Snow in April
A Ghazal for Manadel al-Jamadi [2]

White presses green against the wall: brute snow in April.
Green is annexed; no black dirt, no roots: snow in April.

A ghost interrogates what’s hidden – its whiteness warps us all.
Nothing natural – all flowers being mute – under snow of April.

Gray fills the sky with itself, all foreign color smothered. What is solid disappears – inside the frost – a chute – snow in April.

Has my flock of flowers died? An ambush, a bullet-shot
of cold. Undone beneath the snow, what’s truth, in April?

The hawk-moth grows tipsy sipping nectar, hallucinates into walls:
Fragile datura opens – once – its parachute, in snow, in April.

It takes 4 days to break (a flower) – “16 hours of light & music & then
4 hours off.”  But Veronica, what’s this – a single shoot? Ah, snow, but April.

Snow in April:


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